JumpStart Programme

Career Navigators runs a whole range of back-to-work programmes for returning female talents. In addition to our in-house JumpStart Programme, we have also partnered corporate organisations in their own hiring initiatives.



The JumpStart Programme is a paid (by employers) re-integration programme that runs for a period of 8 weeks. The Programme focuses on helping the female talents transit successfully back into the workforce. It runs concurrently with on-the-job training (carried out by the employer, based on job functions & role requirements).

Depending on the role, the work-trial period will range from 2 months – 6 months*. At the end of the trial period, candidates who perform well may be offered a permanent position (in a work-arrangement that is agreed upon, with the employer).

At the start of the Programme, participants will go through a condensed half-day on-boarding training to get them up to speed on the latest trending topics across industries. On the 1st day of work, a programme manager will be assigned to be present to ensure that the work-trial period starts off with clear goals.

Read about JSP here: jumpstartprogramme.com/

There are constantly jobs being listed for BACK-TO-WORK talents. Apply for those jobs here: JSP-latest-Jobs-300x300