About Us

CAREER NAVIGATORS is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial women who are striving to create equal opportunities for many women who have taken a career hiatus to rejoin the workforce in Singapore. With a wealth of experience, a set of strong skills and a can-do attitude, women who are returning to the workforce, make up a talent pool that is often neglected in the hiring process. As a subsidiary of Mums@Work (Singapore), we have access to a talent pool of more than 35,000+ Professional, Managerial & Executive women.

CAREER NAVIGATORS serve as a compass point for the woman who wants to explore new (or restart previous) career paths. Through self-discovery, training and actual hands-on experiential projects, we assist her in getting back on board and getting ready to ‘up her game’.

CAREER NAVIGATORS celebrates gender diversity and encourages companies to support the journey of these women. Acting as a partner, we strive to deliver numerous educational, tactical and strategic projects, enabling employers and job seekers to find the perfect win-win situation.